Is that genius that
Wails through time like a
Saxophone cutting thru
The darkness of the night.
Possibly for you
Just as the rain



R.M. Engelhardt 1994

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R.M. Engelhardt...Poet

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Ruthless Gravity

Ruthless Gravity

Sound Wisdom ...

Tonight on television
there is an actor talking about his battle with
drug addiction, sex addiction and life.

You would think that by the way
the host is interviewing him
that he is wise & worldly, an
ancient sage from his
battle with the curse

of “celebrity”

And there are a billion lights
in the great big city, a million lives
that get up everyday and go to work like
everybody else. And their addiction is food,
their addiction is rent and how to somehow
get thru the next day and make sure that
their children are dressed, educated & well-fed.

So the question is is that when you
look at the world do you see a gift? Or do you see an
enemy? Do you have faith or do you pretend that
all of these famous people are like you or your friends?

The constant partying,
the good life, broads & booze,
high fashion, money and
Paris Hilton bending over your
patio bench just waiting for
a piece of what you’ve got to give.

But there are those of us who
happen to live in the real world,
those who believe in more than just
the shallow trash that all the others
seem to admire.

And they call us the survivors who don’t
need the shit or the television to fulfill our
needs. The survivors who don’t need the
drama or the fake religions of the moment,
the meth or the cocaine, a little dog or
a brand new $400. dollar purse.

~ R.M. Engelhardt

MONDAY, MAY 16th At The UAG:

Featured Poet : STEVEN MINCHIN

7:30pm Sign Up * 8pm Start
$4.00 Donation Requested

Held Every 3rd Monday Of Each Month
Hosted By R.M. Engelhardt


Poetry…Poets & Experimental Writing. Featured Poets & Their Work As Well As Themes. These Are The Things That Have Made Poetry Open Mics Interesting Over The Years & That Have Kept The Voices Returning. SAINT POEM Is A New Reading Series Which Will Encourage New Poets & Writers And Change In The Albany,NY Poetry-And Open Mic Scene. This Reading Is All About The Work…And Most Importantly, The Words!
Sponsored By The UAG & MythicAlbany-AlbanyAtNight & Hosted By Veteran Albany Poet R.M. Engelhardt

Two Poems More Than – Evening



More than just this;

A hand, a halo, a tryst,

Swallowed up in imagery

Synergy … the electricity

Of a single.. simple …. ‘Word’.

Phrases given by divine intervention,

Ecstasy or the need for flight,

From God or Buddha, Mohammad

Or the night.

More than just this;

Your love, your voice exists.

Re-invents astrology resists where history, temptation has been,

Genesis, or the temporal servants of the momentary rhyme,

Or a monumental pause … of the mind.

More than just this;

Poetry must be

Can be

Much more than just a drunk

Or a mere critic, a contagious madman

A martyr, a saint, your youth, your death, or your age.

This crime of sincerity

More than just an eternity


R.M. Engelhardt




You kill me.

Slow pulse, slow your image still burning



As all these voices come out

Into the dark, at night.

My love, my sadness… ‘Night’

You, more than just another dance

With the moon.

R.M. Engelhardt




Our true identity is often hidden behind the masks we wear.

Masks contain complete social schemas. Others look at the mask and understand what it represents and know what mask to wear themselves. Like a formal ball, the masks thus dance with one another with our selves safely concealed beneath.

Masks thus protect the person and facilitate interaction with others. I wear a mask in different situations to be the person I want to be there.

Masks may be provided by others who interpellate people into subject and cultural roles.

Masks provide a position of safety as we hide our anxieties behind masks of power and security.

We wear layers of masks, such that if one is removed, the true self is not found beneath, but just another mask…