UnSung Poets: Elías Nandino

Elías Nandino

Elías Nandino

Birth: April 19, 1900 
Death: October 2, 1993

 Cocula Mexican poet born in Jalisco, in 1900. Besides his work as a doctor, Nandino supported many young poets from the magazine he founded and directed. Edited collection of books “New Mexico” directed “Stations” and from 1960 to 1964 was director of “Cuadernos de Bellas Artes.” In 1979 he received the National Prize of Literature Award and the Poetry of Aguascalientes. Each of his poems contains a fragment of time. Poet Dreamer, linking life and death, love and hate, with an indestructible bridge of words, dreams and realities. “Wreck of the doubt” in 1950, “Triangle of silence” in 1953, “Night summa” in 1955, “Eternity Dust” in 1970, and “Night word” in 1976, constitute a significant sample of his work as poeta.Murió in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1993.



Love Without Death
Dust will be, but dust in love.


I love and the love I feel
I exist, I have life
and I’m burning my escape
ever born.

I love and every moment
love, my death is urged,
a love without measure
in continual burning.

But when love and do not try
because my body off
absorbent earth again:

everything will be devoured,
but not the burning love
dust of my love.


Within Me

With eyes
highly peering into the night
look at the stars
and, within me,
tireless in the river of my blood,
the feel and discover
bright and deep,
involved was as if my
the same sky
where they are burning


Night Sum

Spelling space and do not understand
the drops of light at night
trembling, which expand, which will shrink
and expressed from the sky
phrases of the light pulse.

I do not know if it is high or deep
overlook the site where,
or whether they are or are not, but I look
like a swarm of islands in fire
and suffer its attraction, its intense brightness,
her timid look …

The story, often many times …
I forget the account and stop me
has to start again
and loses again, always falling
in the escape of a number scattered.

The story, often many times …
And if joy to have, is because I feel
that captures more and more, the Creator,
when I add and I join in their stars.

Just For A Moment …

Into The Mystic...Silence

Take a walk into the dark

Alone with your heart

In silence.

For there is no one around

The world is at peace

The great wind howls

The voices have ceased.

Rest your soul

For it is all that

You have,

Among the trees

As in daylight

You pass on by the

Wounded & the noise

Of being, the rush of chaos

The anxiety of a modern city

New & concrete,

Hurry now

To catch the next bus, subway


To nowhere or some place

Your destination repeating.

For the neon lights

Are not as beautiful as the stars,

And the stars upon the tv falter.


Aging without

The grace of


For the machine,

Like the earth keeps on



Without the hesistation

Of thought.


Take a walk into the dark,

Alone in solitude

With your heart

And breathe.


R.M. Engelhardt  2011

Saint Poem … Albany,NY’s Reading Series

Poetry… Poets & Experimental Writing. Featured Poets & Their Work As Well As Themes. These Are The Things That Have Made Poetry Open Mics Interesting Over The Years & That Have Kept The Voices Returning. SAINT POEM Is A New Reading Series Which Will Encourage New Poets & Writers And Change In The Albany,NY Poetry-And Open Mic Scene. This Reading Is All About The Work…And Most Importantly, The Words! Sponsored By The UAG & MythicAlbany-AlbanyAtNight & Hosted By Veteran Albany Poet R.M. Engelhardt.
Saint Poem, Albany NY

Saint Poem … Albany,NY’s Reading Series

Our Battle …

For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms…

The Queen Of Hearts


They say in Deadwood

Hickok’s final hand included the aces &

eights of both black suits,

A Deadman’s Hand, a 5 card draw

And that death came with it,

But in life it all depends

Upon the cards

That you are dealt.

For I’ve seen the world thru

A narrow glass,

An empty glass

And a terrible glance

That revealed all the best &

The worst…

The worst oh love

The worst kind of chance

In life.

For you can dance with the devil

In the pale moonlight,

You can save & save and work

all your life. And hope… And pray or

Spend. But either way the man

Will come a knocking soon

No matter what… in the end.

For your life can be a million things but

It all depends on you.

For luck is only half the game,

And the rest is up to you.

Because the truth?

Is that you are not

Completely, supremely, or eternally fucked or

Somehow destined to self destruct

But everyone you love will fall in the end

No matter what you do.

So the best kind of dance?

Your best card to chance?

Is always the ace of hearts.

For this, these words are both

A warning and a blessing,

A little bit of wisdom from a man

Whose words will stay true.

That your mind & heart

Must find a chart to

Plot your course upon.


Find a love thats

True, find a soul thats real

And that will never let you down.

And that heart my friend

Is your ace.

So no matter what?

Treat her right.

Rich or poor

Old or young

Thru good times or bad.

 Because all life really

Is based upon on how you play the cards

And the winner always

Takes all…


R.M. Engelhardt 2011