Kilroy Was Here

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Forgive forget
Forgive forget


Do you remember
When you had your
First kiss? Your first time?
Do you remember voting?
Now bitching, moaning
About the man you put in

Cause me?
I’ve seen light come
And go
For centuries
I’ve seen wars for thousands
Of years through eyes
That remain young
Like the dead you sent
To fight

I’ve seen your idea of love
Begin & end since forever where
Everything ends and
Dies and hopes and
Despairs in vain

So yeah
I’ve walked among you all
Friends, lovers and fools
You geniuses’ with
All your faults, inventions and
Civilizations that have
Never been civil at all

Where no one remembers
What matters where none of you
History no one remembers the
Guilt, sorrow or pain
Of others
They’ve caused

Where no one person, human being or nation stays

Upon the path

Where no one believes in
Anyone anymore for
More than 15 minutes
Of fame

So welcome again to the age
Of the lotus eaters
Don’t bother to remember
My name

Why bother?

Why bother at all

Kilroy was here

~ R.M. Engelhardt

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