Strange Beasts



We no longer
Dwell in forests
The woods or
Hunt, ponder
About nature
We walk through
On sunny days
Admiring the
Of those
Who once did

Or watch

At the mall

Our food
At Trader Joe’s

Drink purified
Water from
Plastic containers

And still
Allow morons
To take land
Away from those
Who coexist
With it

Our tribe
Our people
Are unnatural


Strange beasts
Who destroy
Everything to
Create garbage

Our own

More headstones
That cover the

With our
Own shit



~ R.M. Engelhardt 2019©

Judge not, that ye be not judged


“Judge not, that ye be not judged.”
Matthew 7:1

One of the most insidious ways the ego strengthens itself is in criticizing others. Whether it be their appearance, their beliefs, their politics, or any other criticism we level at others – whether out loud or just in our own minds – what we are truly doing is giving ourselves a reason to feel superior. We are getting a little burst of pleasure from seeing ourselves as superior in some way to person we are criticizing. It could be intellectual superiority, moral superiority, spiritual superiority, financial superiority, or superior in some other way. It all comes down to the same thing….our ego congratulating itself on being better, greater than, or more than someone else’s ego. This sense of superiority is what allows us to create a greater sense of boundary between “me” and “not me.” The ego grows more dense through the practice of showing where others are wrong, and it is right.
Part of the Great Work is understanding the mechanics of ego and mind, so that we are no longer ruled by them.

~ Damien Echols