It is and will always be what you say, what you write and what art you actually create that truly matters the most. Popularity doesn’t determine your worth and the followers will always come & go looking for the next big thing. That’s the unfortunate side effect of too much mass media. People not noticing what’s amazing or beautiful, what’s lasting or meaningful right in front of their own eyes. Poetry & art, music isn’t fast food. It’s eternal.

~ R.M. Engelhardt

INVOCATION OF THE MUSE: Open Mic For Poets Moving To Lark Hall 04.04.22

The Open Mic For Poets, Poetry & The
Spoken Word
sponsored by Dead Man’s Press Ink is moving to Albany NY’s amazing venue Lark Hall located at 351 Hudson Avenue on Monday, April 4th 2022 kicking off National Poetry Month.

DeadMansPressInk & myself are excited to announce the return of The Poetry Open Mic which will as always be an all inclusive poetry mic for all where poets are welcome to share their work with others. Formerly held at the Fuzebox we are currently creating new events for them and will now continue to run our monthly First Friday One Performance Poet evening The Dead Man’s Press Spoken Word Showcase along with Albany’s Legendary Goth Darkwave Night HEX to follow as well as beforehand local bands & mixed media events supporting the Albany Music & Art scenes.

*So please join Us For Our First Open Mic at Lark Hall On MONDAY April 4th

*7:30pm SignUp*8PM Start Time

$5.00 Donation Requested.


Hosted By R.M. Engelhardt

See You There!

First Fridays Fuzebox

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone Poems Parables Coming Soon

Of Spirit Ash & Bone

We live in destitute times wherein the gospel of greed and financial profit, not prophecy, answers our existential questions. The good poet, just as the prophet in days gone by, speaks to us in a language that jolts our memory and challenges our power of self-perception and imagination.

~ John Dewey

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone is the new book of poetry coming out soon and to be released by Dead Man’s Press Ink in 2022. Unlike my past work Spirit will be something different and unexpected yet still falling into the genre of pagan poetics as well as what could even be considered narrative & southern gothic. Also, the book will include a section of poems released in 2016 from my past book ” The Bones of Our Existence” which was only previously released on Kindle and are a series of pieces that were based on dystopian dreams that literally forced me to write the words & images down. Included in Spirit are also short narrative fables, stories which are based upon myth as well as what can only be called modern folklore for the 21st century. More News coming soon.


~ R.M. Engelhardt

R.M. Engelhardt