Edgar. Three poems by R.M. Engelhardt

EDGAR Whilst thou write a "Happy Poem" today? Edgar's wife says Smiling from her Chair Edgar's eyes roll Slightly shakes his Head Edgar is too serious Edgar never slept And somewhere Off in the distance A raven poops on A child merrily Skipping down a Garden path Singing It is fit. EDGAR'S WIFE After Edgar's … Continue reading Edgar. Three poems by R.M. Engelhardt

Night Walking

NIGHT WALKING SometimesWe get lonely SometimesWe feel alone It doesn't really matterIn a world of a billion peopleMore than that inhabitingThe earth It's just a matterOf the dark And the light We walk throughCities & crowdedStreets but all thesePeople are strangers You can get a drinkAt the bar or justLook into the eyesOf passerbys All … Continue reading Night Walking