An Interview With Albany’s Nippertown, July of 2021

Let’s be honest. 2021 was not the best of year’s for many of us with covid still rampant as well as for many of us still stuck working from home. But for me there were a few bright spots. Jai & I were able to create many new books for Poets & Authors at DeadMansPressInkContinue reading “An Interview With Albany’s Nippertown, July of 2021”

Yeats On Magic

William Butler Yeats on Magic (from Essays and Introductions): I believe in the practice and philosophy of what we have agreed to call magic, in what I must call the evocation of spirits, though I do not know what they are, in the power of creating magical illusion, in the visions of truth in theContinue reading “Yeats On Magic”

Invocation …

INVOCATION: An appeal made by a poet to a muse or deity for help in composing the poem. The invocation of a muse was a convention in ancient Greek and Latin poetry, especially in the epic; it was followed later by many poets of the Renaissance and neoclassical periods. Usually it is placed at theContinue reading “Invocation …”

INVOCATION OF THE MUSE: A New Poetry Open Mic Hits Albany, NY

SOMETHING NEW IS COMING TO ALBANY NY. INVOCATION OF THE MUSE:An Open Mic For Poets, Poetry & TheSpoken Word. DeadMansPressInk & myself are excited to announce the return of The Poetry Open Mic at the newly reopened FUZEBOX 12 Central Avenue, Albany NY. *Join Us For Our First Open Mic On MONDAY November 1st 2021Continue reading “INVOCATION OF THE MUSE: A New Poetry Open Mic Hits Albany, NY”

DeadMansPressInk & The School of Night Newsletter

To many of those of you who follow or read my work there are only a few that are aware that I run, along with my friend and coeditor Hex M’ Jai a small independent poetry press known as DeadMansPressInk as well as a page called The School of Night Newsletter which promotes the teachingsContinue reading “DeadMansPressInk & The School of Night Newsletter”

The Stars In Night In Flight. A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt

The Stars In Night In Flight

The School of Night. Albany, NY

In the late 1990s & into the early part of this century I created and ran a spoken word poetry open mic called THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT at Valentine’s as well as at a few other locations afterwards in Albany, NY. The open mic was always extremely crowded and popular and we did alot ofContinue reading “The School of Night. Albany, NY”

This Night, Invisible~ A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt

THIS NIGHT, INVISIBLE aninvocation atrance at duskthe soulswander in1 by 1in a procession of tragedy faith & loss where the clocksall timehas stopped andthe dancebegins whichnever ends moves beyondthe flesh your gods as sound – words – voices- writhe- wound – annihilate worship a once emptyspace a void S C R E A M MContinue reading “This Night, Invisible~ A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt”