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Fuck this poem
Fuck that poem

Fuck it.

Now fucking
Start over again


~ R.M. Engelhardt
RAW Poems 2023

Night Walking

NIGHT WALKING SometimesWe get lonely SometimesWe feel alone It doesn’t really matterIn a world of a billion peopleMore than that inhabitingThe earth It’s just a matterOf the dark And the light We walk throughCities & crowdedStreets but all thesePeople are strangers You can get a drinkAt the bar or justLook into the eyesOf passerbys AllContinue reading “Night Walking”

I Am The Door …

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “Populist Manifesto No. 1.” Poets, come out of your closets. Open your windows. Open your doors. You’ve been holed up too long. No time now for our little literary games. No time now for our paranoias and hypochondrias. No time now for fear and loathing. Time now only for light and love. Poets,Continue reading “I Am The Door …”

On T.S. Elliot & The Death of Poetry. Another Opinion – R.M. Engelhardt

So apparently this article has been moving around a bit in Facebook groups. The writer is not the first to coin the term ” Poetry is Dead” or for that matter the poetic viewpoint that T.S. Elliot was the game changer. What is your idealism or belief? This is not so much a critique asContinue reading “On T.S. Elliot & The Death of Poetry. Another Opinion – R.M. Engelhardt”

R.M. Engelhardt & The Notorious Coffee Quote Scandal

Damn. ( I’m laughing at the obvious) And I mean this humorously but: Generally I’m an open minded writer and I support new and upcoming writers but If I had single dollar for every time someone ripped off my famous 1994 coffee quote I’d be a billionaire by now. I’ve seen it switched around, I’veContinue reading “R.M. Engelhardt & The Notorious Coffee Quote Scandal”

The Lost Poems From Nod. R.M. Engelhardt 2003

Twenty years ago I wrote a chapbook called Nod. 2003. These were some poems based on the experimental style of EE Cummings & George Oppen Many of the poems were published on now long gone poetry journal internet sites and as we know many online journals don’t last forever. Here are a few poems. HopeContinue reading “The Lost Poems From Nod. R.M. Engelhardt 2003”