WITH NOTHING MORE TO SAY Some dayOne dayYou won’t reach outFor fameBecause it doesn’tExist never existedNever came or stayedor ever paidThe rent True Or real Or yours Or was everTruly Like words And then? SomedaySometime offIn a near distant future place youWill find yourself standing upOn a stage older And under the lights All aloneContinue reading “WITH NOTHING MORE TO SAY”

Talking Political Writing, Post-Pandemic Arts, and Finding Home with R.M. Engelhardt

*An Interview With Thom Francis of The Hudson Valley Writers Guild. https://www.mediasanctuary.org/stories/2022/talking-political-writing-post-pandemic-arts-and-finding-home-with-r-m-engelhardt/ R.M. Engelhardt started sharing his poetry at local open mics in the early-90s and has since been a driving force in keeping the poetry and spoken word alive and well in the area. He has hosted a number of readings and events overContinue reading “Talking Political Writing, Post-Pandemic Arts, and Finding Home with R.M. Engelhardt”

Shadows By R.M. Engelhardt

Within each man a shadow exists. The shadow of his past.The shadow of his future. And the shadow of all the things heCould have been. ~ R.M. Engelhardt


A POEM FOR THE FRIEND WHO SACRIFICED ʃəˌlɒm əˈleɪxəm, ˌʃoʊləm Aren’t you that kidWho plays the harmonica? The old manSitting in the wheelchairSaid They had told himThat he had a visitorBut he doesn’t recallHaving any atThe nursing homeIn a veryLong time The nurse toldHim it was an oldFriend, a man withA beard in his lateFiftiesContinue reading “A POEM FOR THE FRIEND WHO SACRIFICED By R.M. Engelhardt”

The Outsider …

“…The Outsider is doubly a rebel: a rebel against the Established Church, a rebel against the unestablished church of materialism. Yet for all this, he is the real spiritual heir of the prophets…The purest religion of any age lies in the hands of its spiritual rebels. The twentieth century is no exception.” ~ Colin Wilson

FOR THE ANIMALS, A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt

FOR THE ANIMALS Why does the world at night not see you? In the fields and in the moon’s light? Gentle, and taken away from these forests And separated from others of your kind Why does the world at night not see you? Or even in the daylight care about your existence? I will giveContinue reading “FOR THE ANIMALS, A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt”


BAD OMENS:MONDAY NOVEMBER 14TH, 2022 ORTHE DAY OF THE ASSHOLE The tarot cards haveForeseen the horrible future And his return All the signs ImpossibleTo ignore The first hintWas The Tower cardThe second? ALoud & long wailing inhuman fartSound eminating from theDownstairs neighborsApartment Who’s a staunchRepublican with aMake America Great AgainSticker On his pickup truck TheContinue reading “BAD OMENS: MONDAY NOVEMBER 14TH, 2022 A Poem”

nOpE ~A poem by R.M. Engelhardt

In the beginning was the word, the wordThat from the solid bases of the lightAbstracted all the letters of the void;And from the cloudy bases of the breathThe word flowed up, translating to the heartFirst characters of birth and death. ~ Dylan Thomas,In The Beginning NoPe The 1st poem wasn’tWritten in EnglishIn fact it wasn’tWrittenContinue reading “nOpE ~A poem by R.M. Engelhardt”