THE SONS OF MEN The sons of men Once long ago Ruled over the Galaxies, stars And planets And then After just a Few angry words War Death Destruction The Dark Their descendents Left what remained Behind them and Took their children away With them and taught Them about peace Taught them about Love andContinue reading “THE SONS OF MEN”

The Troy Poetry Mission R.M. Engelhardt (@rmengelhardt)

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The Shaman

A shaman and a writer each serve as their communities’ seers by engaging in extraordinary acts of conscientious study of the past and the present and predicting the future. An inner voice calls to the shaman and an essayistic writer to answer the call that vexes the pernicious spirit of their times. Shamanistic writers induceContinue reading “The Shaman”

Dark Magic

DARK MAGIC It Was the 1st time I heard Jim Morrison Wail/Scream Through an Old transistor Radio while Sitting on a Bench at the Beach I was Five years Old and There was In my midst Electricity & Fear & something I had never heard Before If you Give this man A ride sweet FamilyContinue reading “Dark Magic”