Confessions Of A Soldier~Time Traveler On War : From 2036

A Soldier’s Winter The day before it wasn’t snowing. The trees are strangers, leering, disapproving in the ash of winter world, my life, my wandering path. I pray God’s eyes may once again gaze upon me and remind me that I am still His child. ~ Poem Written By A Poet Of  The NearContinue reading “Confessions Of A Soldier~Time Traveler On War : From 2036”


GHOST OF MY TOOTH From bone to blood to grave.The tongues of women in countless waves,Ripped from socket, torn from safe Inside. Survivor of fights & broken pieces, wordsPronounced and apologies given,  Pliers Ripped from socket, torn from safe  Inside. Pain is passing, mortality as well. I intern you to a place Upon my shelf.Continue reading “GHOST OF MY TOOTH…”

Ian Curtis: The Lost Lyrics…Poems By

Ian Curtis put an end to his life the night of May 18, 1980, two days before the roadshow to the United States. The lead singer of Joy Division played “The Idiot” of Iggy Pop in his pickup and hung himself in his kitchen in Macclesfield, leaving a short note: “This moment I would wantContinue reading “Ian Curtis: The Lost Lyrics…Poems By”


THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMYIS YOUR GOD MY FRIEND Oh Dear GodOh see how they bleedOh Dear God, my Lord. Oh Dear GodOh see how they pleadOh Dear God, my Lord. My Lord;Who we wait forScream forOn the battlefieldsOf every war Antagonist. Protagonist. Oh thy Lord, You uponOur side Their side. No questionsNo explanations AskedOrContinue reading “THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS YOUR GOD MY FRIEND…”


WALT WHITMAN IS DEAD Where are you now? Uncle? Poet? Walt? Old man, child of the Long Island Free verse son of America, Teacher & government work-man? “Human – Being” Citizen Man… Mind of the spirit Spirit, in the flesh Where have you gone? Disappeared Now a ghost Among the leaves, The rest. Uncle, IContinue reading “WALT WHITMAN IS DEAD”


End timesEndgame The Mayan calendar, Prophets, sages & warnings “Fuck it” Cause all this was all once just “bible prophecy” & science fiction,& all of that crap that people talked or laughed about When they got bored, drunk or stoned. But they,Were all wrong. “Wrong” And our world our times our peopleDid all this stupidContinue reading “A.D.”


IN THE CHURCH OFCOFFEE AND SMOKES “And now, Let us all pray” Ex-hale. Does anybodyHave a cigarette? Let’s all talk about your day, Light up simultaneously. Oh Lord,I need more sugarIn my coffee And not that artificial Crap Confession; One on one,Let’s all talk aboutAll of your sins, Smiling. No hail Mary’s, no regretsFor ourContinue reading “IN THE CHURCH OF COFFEE AND SMOKES”

The Aesthetics Of Anger… Poem

The Aesthetics Of Anger When said the moon to the stars in the skyA small boy was born upon the day his mother diedUpon his 30th day did also riseAn only son in September. And when he was young and death did followHim like a bird and left him hollowAt five & twelve & 13Continue reading “The Aesthetics Of Anger… Poem”

The Rain Poets

THE RAIN POETS It seems that all the rain poets Are weeping again tonight, In words, that rain down In buckets. The living, once more pretending To be the dead, the waiting and Wanting of it, just above their heads Like false prophets. The art of Voices & rants As all of the dark cloudsContinue reading “The Rain Poets”