LEXIKON Initiate. Trans-mute, TranscendAll “Matter” Bring Forth,And Thus Summon All Gods … And WordsObsolete (They Return) Creation. Soul. Dimension. Time. AWAKEN “The Dead” Sound~ECHO Of Crashing Waves EntitiesDying Against All Flesh Bleeding, Bled Into VOICE. As the Smoke Of Her Cigarettes, Her Smell& The Image Of Her Body All Still Linger, Like A Poem, PerfumeContinue reading “LEXIKON…”

Comte Lautremont~The Songs of Malador

The First Voyage… Here on my blog it’s one thing to read or check out my work but as I have been doing now for some years I wish to share and explore the works of poets & writers whom I’ve labeled “Un-Sung Heroes”. Among these writers, musicians and poets in the past have beenContinue reading “Comte Lautremont~The Songs of Malador”

Collected Poems Article, 2006.

Engelhardt Publishes His Collected Poems MICHAEL ECK Special to the Times UnionSection: Arts-Events, Page: H1 Date: Sunday, October 29, 2006 R.M. Engelhardt wears black sunglasses in the shade. He chain-smokes Djarums until his head is wreathed in a clove-scented cloud. And, in the middle of the day, he sucks down coffee like a trucker onContinue reading “Collected Poems Article, 2006.”

A Review Of “Versus” By R.M. Engelhardt

“Versus” by R.M. Engelhardt Friday, June 25th, 2010~ Reviewed By Lynn Alexander * Full Of Crow “Versus”, R.M. Engelhardt Pushing verses Past their limits R.M. Engelhardt acknowledges that there is a difference between the passive participant and those who live a passion-driven life, but can often be seen in “Versus” wondering if there is aContinue reading “A Review Of “Versus” By R.M. Engelhardt”

The 2011 Albany Wordfest~National Poetry Month

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Albany Poets is proud to present the 2011 Albany Word Fest featuring the poetry, spoken word, and music of upstate New York.  This year’s event will take place on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at The Linda (339 Central Ave., Albany). This year’s event is the 10th anniversary of theContinue reading “The 2011 Albany Wordfest~National Poetry Month”

A 21st Century Dirge For America

A TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY  DIRGE FOR AMERICA Another dead song for a dead man A dead art in no man’s land. “CENSORED” For Being REAL As they stop the world,Judge and destroyall that which theycannot make Or see.    FOR WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN … Anarchy Archery Douche-Beggary38 Flavors & Fifty Stars Officially And nothingContinue reading “A 21st Century Dirge For America”

OCCUPY THE WORD… Poetry At The UAG On 01.16.2012

OCCUPY THE WORDPoetry At The UAG! On Monday, JANUARY 16th the Saint Poem Reading Series will be holding a special event for all those who have poems they would like to share concerning politics, wall street and the current state of the world and America! Poets & Musicians Welcome! What do you have to say? Continue reading “OCCUPY THE WORD… Poetry At The UAG On 01.16.2012”