The School of Night. Albany, NY

In the late 1990s & into the early part of this century I created and ran a spoken word poetry open mic called THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT at Valentine’s as well as at a few other locations afterwards in Albany, NY. The open mic was always extremely crowded and popular and we did alot of themed nights also such as Beat Generation Night, Poe Halloween Benefits Bukowski Night and some other cool evenings before alot of these ideas took hold in other places. But as all good things my SON had a predecessor. The original group of poets in the time of Marlowe, Raleigh & Shakespeare.

Who knows?

Whenever history needs inspiration it might just return again .

The School of Night, Albany NY

Nostalgia Act


Aren’t you that
Poet who was famous

That poet
Who lived
That wore
That old leather
Jacket & who
Was kinda like
A punk rock vampire
Lord Byron meets
Edgar Allan Poe

I really liked
That poem you
Wrote the young millennial
Girl says
It was totally awesome
My mom has the book

Thank you

Which one?

I inquire

You know
That one about
Dying without her
Love & sadness
Loss & self

That one


“Come As You Are”

I smile
Take a sip of my
Coffee, excuse myself
From the room


~ R.M. Engelhardt/19