Poetry Lives In Albany NY

Invocation of the Muse At Lark Hall




Yes, and in fact, there’s a HUGE Poetry Scene and a Poetry Open Mic happening almost everywhere in the 518, Capital District area and that scene unknown to many has been going on for quite a few years. Decades in fact. This area’s writing and poetry scene is rich in its history & legacy and unless you’ve actually ever been to a local poetry open mic or event then you are missing out on something truly great which is area poets & writers sharing their words, voices, and work with others …

The World Doesn’t Stop


The world doesn’t stop
If you’re angry

The world doesn’t stop if
You’re old or tired

It doesn’t stop

Regardless of your love
Or humanity

The earth spins

Keeps turning despite
Your lack of conformity
Or caring, your belief or
A non belief in a God or
Charity against war or

The world doesn’t stop

Even if someone pulls
The trigger or sets a church
On fire

You can love or not love
Live or stop living
Hope or not hope

Dream or stop dreaming

It’s all up to you
The choice is yours

And no one else

You can protest
Write endless songs or
Poems or be whoever
You want

But in the end?

The final verse
Falls upon us all

An act of infinite
Gesture or a passing
Without thought or

And the earth
Shall still carry on
Without you

The birds shall still
Chirp in morning light
& the trees shall still
Sway in the wind

And the world
Doesn’t stop

So the most you can do is
Write your name upon
The rocks

And leave your message
For the lost

With instructions
For a better world

And hope
They listen

The World Doesn't Stop Poem R.M. Engelhardt
The World Doesn’t Stop

~ R.M. Engelhardt ©2022

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone By R.M. Engelhardt Now Available on Amazon

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone Now Available on Amazon

Is the New Book By Author, Poet & Writer R.M. Engelhardt is something entirely different & new that has been written in the poetic form & style of Sermons & Southern Gothic*Biblical Religious texts as well as in other verse styles. Unlike his previous poems and works over the last some 25 years Engelhardt uses these old forms to take on the problems and issues of today, now the 21st Century like War, Poverty, Racism & The Earth’s Present State of Oppression & Global Warming. Still a strong proponent and supporter of unique, experimental literary forms and Pagan Poetics R.M. Engelhardt has created a book which thus transcends, returns us all to a lost forgotten language of old and of the pure school of “Damnation, Fire & Brimstone” in the context of reaching a new generation with the warnings and poetic prophecies of change before it’s far too late.

Get Your Copy Here:

R.M. Engelhardt

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone Poems Parables Coming Soon

Of Spirit Ash & Bone

We live in destitute times wherein the gospel of greed and financial profit, not prophecy, answers our existential questions. The good poet, just as the prophet in days gone by, speaks to us in a language that jolts our memory and challenges our power of self-perception and imagination.

~ John Dewey

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone is the new book of poetry coming out soon and to be released by Dead Man’s Press Ink in 2022. Unlike my past work Spirit will be something different and unexpected yet still falling into the genre of pagan poetics as well as what could even be considered narrative & southern gothic. Also, the book will include a section of poems released in 2016 from my past book ” The Bones of Our Existence” which was only previously released on Kindle and are a series of pieces that were based on dystopian dreams that literally forced me to write the words & images down. Included in Spirit are also short narrative fables, stories which are based upon myth as well as what can only be called modern folklore for the 21st century. More News coming soon.


~ R.M. Engelhardt

R.M. Engelhardt


AURAL SUPREMACISTS another worthless war, war of words, weapons substituting the mystique of false authority in secular motion. Do not attempt to decieve these shadows … Death is death. Pain is pain. Violence is violence. The waves of voices, strangers screaming from far off distant lands we cannot fathom or ignore. We stand in rebellion. We stand as one. We are the future as we watch your crumbling empires fight like ridiculous children over the remenents of land, control in desperation. Pathetic & immature. Ruthless & sick, twisted like the mindset of all primitive things unwanted and unloved. It’s always the same. Old men & cowards believing they are powerful. Sending the young off to die because they are too weak to fight themselves without courage, genitals. But your time, lives end here. We have outgrown you & your outdated ideas. “Control Control Control”. We do not fear you but laugh at you knowing you have something to hide. We stand in REBELLION. We stand as one. We are THE FUTURE. Your time is done. And we are ending it NOW. We are RESISTANCE. You are nothing and shall be forgotten like the dust. Beneath us, like the earth. Extremum Vitae Spiritum

Give Up The Ghost.

R.M. Engelhardt 2022

~ R.M. Engelhardt

*Coming Soon*