art*poem by r.m. Engelhardt ©2022


So let us now all
Sing or if you believe


Not of these golden days
But in this dead choir of reprieve
Of anguish of suffering of days

Let us all sing of the 21st century
Of all our failures & the false
Triumphs & of the true progress
Of men




Watch &
See how we
So easily destroy



Our own defeat

And on repeat
Like a bad news story
Like history
Still worship greed
And money
The holy dollar
And all the fat politicians
On all sides taking
Away what we once
Called ” Freedom”

As a quaint, dismembered idea

As wars are still waged
Poverty still a slave
We post all our success

But never our shame

As a dead earth
No longer of beauty
But of a violence unimagined
And obscene


Unimagined & unseen
The end of everything
The end

And the tragedy
The murder of all days

Like all the animals dying &
Loosing space

Oh how inconvenient

How 1980s
And Green

Our voices & our
Votes now all dead and
Useless worthless things

Without any real power for
Truth or change

Countries & governments
In decline still crumbling
And arguing, fighting
Killing over race

And over oil

A disgrace

A disfigurement a
World burning
Forests dying
No gods answering
No gods listening
No god here

No god cares
Or listens

This planet
This rock
Used up &



With hate
With rage

Now just
Another trendy word


So for thee I Sing
Of this body

Damaged by
Monsters & corrupt men
Fake patriots & grifters
Looking for trophies
And hiding behind a flag

And blaming
All other living beings
For everything
They’ve done

More convenience
More sorrow
More lies
The scapegoat
Followed by the
Image of the Tower card


As the seasons change
The leaves remain
But we never change

And never will

So for thee I Sing – Scream

For the impoverished
Families and their children starving
I Sing for the ignored
And uneducated the unemployed
And for all those
Guilty of being
Human beings

With hope
With dreams
With love
With faith

I sing for humanity
I sing for change

For Black lives
For all lives
For Suicides
And for all those buried
Beneath us in unmarked graves of
Unrest & genocide
And for all those who
Believe in a Jesus Christ

( Or not )

I Sing for
The Great Spirit
That once roamed
This land now a mere
Figment of imagination
Lost in the blood of
My ancestors

The flags all at half mast
Concealing the sadness
The truth

Of a nation
Once called America


I Sing of the body
The whole of the soul


Where Walt Whitman
Would now if alive
Weep over it’s reality
And in it’s sorrow
Walk away

Where Lincoln would
Crawl up into a ball
And simply

Choose to die

I Sing of A Nation of the
Body dissected

By cannibals
Who’ve erased all of
It’s glory

And where there
Is no honor, spark of
Democracy, decency
Or even electricity


~ R.M. Engelhardt


It is and will always be what you say, what you write and what art you actually create that truly matters the most. Popularity doesn’t determine your worth and the followers will always come & go looking for the next big thing. That’s the unfortunate side effect of too much mass media. People not noticing what’s amazing or beautiful, what’s lasting or meaningful right in front of their own eyes. Poetry & art, music isn’t fast food. It’s eternal.

~ R.M. Engelhardt

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone Poems Parables Coming Soon

Of Spirit Ash & Bone

We live in destitute times wherein the gospel of greed and financial profit, not prophecy, answers our existential questions. The good poet, just as the prophet in days gone by, speaks to us in a language that jolts our memory and challenges our power of self-perception and imagination.

~ John Dewey

Of Spirit, Ash & Bone is the new book of poetry coming out soon and to be released by Dead Man’s Press Ink in 2022. Unlike my past work Spirit will be something different and unexpected yet still falling into the genre of pagan poetics as well as what could even be considered narrative & southern gothic. Also, the book will include a section of poems released in 2016 from my past book ” The Bones of Our Existence” which was only previously released on Kindle and are a series of pieces that were based on dystopian dreams that literally forced me to write the words & images down. Included in Spirit are also short narrative fables, stories which are based upon myth as well as what can only be called modern folklore for the 21st century. More News coming soon.


~ R.M. Engelhardt

R.M. Engelhardt


AURAL SUPREMACISTS another worthless war, war of words, weapons substituting the mystique of false authority in secular motion. Do not attempt to decieve these shadows … Death is death. Pain is pain. Violence is violence. The waves of voices, strangers screaming from far off distant lands we cannot fathom or ignore. We stand in rebellion. We stand as one. We are the future as we watch your crumbling empires fight like ridiculous children over the remenents of land, control in desperation. Pathetic & immature. Ruthless & sick, twisted like the mindset of all primitive things unwanted and unloved. It’s always the same. Old men & cowards believing they are powerful. Sending the young off to die because they are too weak to fight themselves without courage, genitals. But your time, lives end here. We have outgrown you & your outdated ideas. “Control Control Control”. We do not fear you but laugh at you knowing you have something to hide. We stand in REBELLION. We stand as one. We are THE FUTURE. Your time is done. And we are ending it NOW. We are RESISTANCE. You are nothing and shall be forgotten like the dust. Beneath us, like the earth. Extremum Vitae Spiritum

Give Up The Ghost.

R.M. Engelhardt 2022

~ R.M. Engelhardt

*Coming Soon*

An Interview With Albany’s Nippertown, July of 2021

Let’s be honest.

2021 was not the best of year’s for many of us with covid still rampant as well as for many of us still stuck working from home. But for me there were a few bright spots. Jai & I were able to create many new books for Poets & Authors at DeadMansPressInk & create a brand new open mic at The Fuzebox. One of the best moments for me was an interview with Jim Gilbert & Nippertown about my latest book ” We Rise Like Smoke Poems Psalms & Incantations Published by DeadMansPressInk. Dedicated to our girl, our cat Cordelia we lost in April. Life isn’t the same without her.

Best to you & yours in the coming New Year.


An interview with Jim Gilbert of Nippertown with poet R.M. Engelhardt about the Upstate New York Poetry Scene and about his new book ” We Rise Like Smoke Poems Psalms & Incantations” Published by DeadMansPressInk Now Available on Amazon 2021.

Nippertown Interview With R.M. Engelhardt

INVOCATION OF THE MUSE: A New Poetry Open Mic Hits Albany, NY



An Open Mic For Poets, Poetry & The
Spoken Word.

DeadMansPressInk & myself are excited to announce the return of The Poetry Open Mic at the newly reopened FUZEBOX 12 Central Avenue, Albany NY.

*Join Us For Our First Open Mic On MONDAY November 1st 2021 At The FUZEBOX.

7:30pm SignUp*8PM Start $5.00 Donation Requested.



Please bring a valid ID, a proof of vaccination, or a negative Covid-19 test from at least 72 hours. And whenever possible please wear a mask.



The School of Night. Albany, NY

In the late 1990s & into the early part of this century I created and ran a spoken word poetry open mic called THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT at Valentine’s as well as at a few other locations afterwards in Albany, NY. The open mic was always extremely crowded and popular and we did alot of themed nights also such as Beat Generation Night, Poe Halloween Benefits Bukowski Night and some other cool evenings before alot of these ideas took hold in other places. But as all good things my SON had a predecessor. The original group of poets in the time of Marlowe, Raleigh & Shakespeare.

Who knows?

Whenever history needs inspiration it might just return again .


The School of Night, Albany NY





On “Dark Lands” By R.M. Engelhardt.
Telegraphic missives from the bleak future of now taking in spirit machine and blood . A faint hope beyond hopelessness still guiding the words .

~ Steve Kilbey (The Church)




“R.M. Engelhardt’s Darklands reads like a quick shuffle through the Killing Fields, digging through the bones for “the dreams of the broken.” Dystopian concerns of mortality dominate this book which does not sugarcoat anything in a very accessible language, something I can appreciate greatly.”

Ryan Quinn Flanagan (Author of The Road to Hell is Paved with Writers)


And So.

It’s finally here.

At 12 Midnight Tonight August 31st 2019 the witching hour ” Dark Lands Poems R.M. Engelhardt” will be released by Whiskey City Press. My 15th book I am honored to be a part of a group of great friends and poets who have vision and are publishing an amazing amount of talented writers. Special thanks to John Patrick Robbins & Scott Simmons who helped to put the book together and make it all happen. Thank you brothers of the word. Look for “Dark Lands” on Amazon & Lulu.

More news, book release readings to come.

~ R.m. Engelhardt


Judge not, that ye be not judged


“Judge not, that ye be not judged.”
Matthew 7:1

One of the most insidious ways the ego strengthens itself is in criticizing others. Whether it be their appearance, their beliefs, their politics, or any other criticism we level at others – whether out loud or just in our own minds – what we are truly doing is giving ourselves a reason to feel superior. We are getting a little burst of pleasure from seeing ourselves as superior in some way to person we are criticizing. It could be intellectual superiority, moral superiority, spiritual superiority, financial superiority, or superior in some other way. It all comes down to the same thing….our ego congratulating itself on being better, greater than, or more than someone else’s ego. This sense of superiority is what allows us to create a greater sense of boundary between “me” and “not me.” The ego grows more dense through the practice of showing where others are wrong, and it is right.
Part of the Great Work is understanding the mechanics of ego and mind, so that we are no longer ruled by them.

~ Damien Echols