Such words, poetry rare Exulting reality Into voice           Expression Into being Being       into form. From out of ashes Out of seasons Years time and reason And from out of every man Woman born Conceived. All truths   shadows   And all loves Destructions and voices Perceived Complete and thus returning Like Angels Like Gods Again to tell … Continue reading THIS SONG WHICH NEVER ENDS

Support Independent Publishing (And Poetry!)   Get your Copy Now …   Biography Poet- Writer R.M. Engelhardt’s work over the years has been published and has R.M. Engelhardt’s work has appeared in many journals & magazines in both print and on the net including in Retort, Rusty Truck, Sure! The Charles Bukowski Newsletter, Thunder Sandwich, … Continue reading

New Evidence Of The Resurrection …

New video of me reading the poem "Silence Falls" from my new book "The Resurrection Waltz" at The Book House in Albany, NY. A special thanks goes out to my friends Murrow (Thom Francis/Keith Spencer) & Albany Poets for helping to create such a great night of friends & poetry. ~ R.M. An Interview With … Continue reading New Evidence Of The Resurrection …


WHERE TO GET THE RESURRECTION WALTZ R.M. Engelhardt is an underground writer whose poetry and writing has been widely published in many online magazines as well as in print magazines over the last  20 years or so. He is the author of several books such as “The Last Cigarette, The Collected Poems Of R.M. Engelhardt” and … Continue reading WHERE TO GET THE RESURRECTION WALTZ


  Incantations Psalms of syntax Sonnets of dust Stanzas of the night Travelers by night, Nocturnes. Silence. “Silence, the words ever-moving into foolishness Fading. The silence prolonged, so secretive of thought” The Silence Falls. Love, the, the most difficult of phrases, The man of this phrase out of phase ~ fragments left of What’s lost, … Continue reading SILENCE FALLS