art*poem by r.m. Engelhardt ©2022 I SING OF THE BODY DISSECTED So let us now allSing or if you believe Pray Not of these golden daysBut in this dead choir of reprieveOf anguish of suffering of days Let us all sing of the 21st centuryOf all our failures & the falseTriumphs & of the true … Continue reading I SING OF THE BODY DISSECTED. A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt

American Portrait MLK Poetry Project

https://news.northwestern.edu/stories/2021/01/trethewey-mlk-day/#.YARmQPKb-rU.twitter Happy To Be A Part of This PBS American Portrait Project On Martin Luther King Day. ~ R.M. Engelhardt https://www.pbs.org/american-portrait/story/23568/rm-e-troy-ny-for-my-people #poetry #pbs #mlkday #rmengelhardt #gentlemanoutsider #writers #america #poets

TEMPUS EDAX RERUM~ Time The Devourer

TEMPUS  EDAX RERUM What was once in this world  just considered impossible or even science fiction has now become a reality. We have lost so many human lives in such a short amount of time and we have seen our leader's insincere, disturbed &  selfish reactions to it. We have all watched the news and … Continue reading TEMPUS EDAX RERUM~ Time The Devourer

Strange Beasts

  STRANGE BEASTS We no longer Dwell in forests The woods or Hunt, ponder About nature Instead We walk through Graveyards On sunny days Admiring the Headstones Of those Who once did Or watch Movies At the mall Gather Our food At Trader Joe's Drink purified Water from Plastic containers And still Allow morons To … Continue reading Strange Beasts

Homeless Warriors

HOMELESS WARRIORS We are Multitudes Young & Old Men & Women An army Dethroned Without the Respect of Generations You cannot See what We've seen The fine Line between Humanity And disease Destruction Poverty Death So I beseech Thee America To believe To care To help To save For we Have lost Our families Brothers … Continue reading Homeless Warriors