Let Poetry Be Poetry: R.M. Engelhardt On The Nation’s Recent Apology

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The host of The Troy Poetry Mission R.M. Engelhardt let’s his views & thoughts be known on the recent false accusations against the Nation magazine and a young but well meaning poet who simply wrote a poem in regards to the plight of homelessness in America.

Writing and poetry is all about characters, narrative and advocating for the rights & beliefs of all, not just some writers and the meaning of 21st century poetry started a very long time ago which has apparently become “lost in translation” to many journalists and magazines riding the wave of popularity. Poetry has never died. Never will.

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Let Poetry Be Poetry: A Response To Recent Headlines





Don’t apologize

Don’t cry

Don’t whine


Leave it alone

Don’t change or

Edit the world

Be honest

Be authentic

Be real



You’re entitled

No matter

Who you are

Or where you



To be who you

Were meant to be

To say what needs

To be said to be

Free and to let the

Words breathe


Like all words

And poetry should


And not to be stifled

By others who

Aren’t brave enough

To say what needs

To be said

Afraid to be alive

Because they all live


In the imaginary



Of fear



Of political


Who live in

The dark or

Who believe

That they have

The right to control

Your voice


Your thoughts

Your writing

Your ideas


Your history

Your color

Your beliefs



Don’t apologize

Don’t cry

Don’t whine


Leave the words

As they are

Let the words be

Your own words

And never ever

Back down


Against Nazis

Against censorship

Against idiots

Against tyrants


Who think that

They have the right

To edit your soul


Because on the day

You are afraid

To write a poem

In America

Or anywhere


You’ve already

Let all the monsters






Let Poetry

Be Poetry


Let The Poem Breathe


Let The Poem Live


~ R.M. Engelhardt

August 2018