Death Is Open For Business



I stopped by for Emily
And then for all her friends
Sometimes (over the years)
I still forget all their

Writers, poets
Actors & the commonplace
Of sorts, and the royalty always
Received special discounts
And deals

You see you might know me
I’ve been doing this for awhile
I used to keep scrolls
But now that’s just embarrassing
So I just use my phone
And everybody still
Knows my name
Maybe you’ve seen my
Profile on FB?
All the people
Talking about me

Damn .. I’m really popular

Black is out and
Neon is in
I started the trend
By the way

And all the celebrities
Are just dying to
See me as always

So if you’re a famous
Rockstar please don’t
Message me or text me
I’m quite busy

And I don’t do
Crossroads pacts
I only accept straight up cash

With no middle men

And these days
As you may have
Already guessed
I only  mostly deal directly with
Businessman & politicians

So got a problem?
Wanna be the president?
I’m willing to cut you
A deal

Btw? Did I mention
I’m on FB?

I’ve traded in my
Scythe for a credit card
Of souls and I
Make my withdrawals

So are you next
On my list?

Wouldn’t you like to be?

The Reaper?
Pllllleeeeaaasssse …
I don’t go by that
Old fashioned name

It’s been overused
Blue Oyster Cult & their more cowbell
Saw to that


I simply call myself
An extraordinary broker
Of souls

(So let’s talk)

Because death
Is open for business

Here’s my card
Expect my call
I’ll be waiting
To meet you

Everyone does


~ R.M. Engelhardt 2017deathinbusiness


C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_tumblr_ogkth5JfR41rssi62o1_1280.jpgThe grim reaper must be lonely
Or perhaps God is, sending him
Fishing for musicians, poets & actors, jesters and the like.
Or maybe the reaper was just bored in a place where it’s always
Dark and never light.

So he decided to play a joke on us
And made our new leader the joke

Yes, this year the reaper has been quite busy lining up all his stops

Playing with the chessboard in the
Basement and taking the muse’s pawns

And has left us all to sink or swim
And find new ones to inspire
Generations to fight the dark as well

Or maybe just so he
Can play the game

~ R.M.

Ruthless Gravity

Ruthless Gravity

Sound Wisdom ...

Tonight on television
there is an actor talking about his battle with
drug addiction, sex addiction and life.

You would think that by the way
the host is interviewing him
that he is wise & worldly, an
ancient sage from his
battle with the curse

of “celebrity”

And there are a billion lights
in the great big city, a million lives
that get up everyday and go to work like
everybody else. And their addiction is food,
their addiction is rent and how to somehow
get thru the next day and make sure that
their children are dressed, educated & well-fed.

So the question is is that when you
look at the world do you see a gift? Or do you see an
enemy? Do you have faith or do you pretend that
all of these famous people are like you or your friends?

The constant partying,
the good life, broads & booze,
high fashion, money and
Paris Hilton bending over your
patio bench just waiting for
a piece of what you’ve got to give.

But there are those of us who
happen to live in the real world,
those who believe in more than just
the shallow trash that all the others
seem to admire.

And they call us the survivors who don’t
need the shit or the television to fulfill our
needs. The survivors who don’t need the
drama or the fake religions of the moment,
the meth or the cocaine, a little dog or
a brand new $400. dollar purse.

~ R.M. Engelhardt