On T.S. Elliot & The Death of Poetry. Another Opinion – R.M. Engelhardt

So apparently this article has been moving around a bit in Facebook groups. The writer is not the first to coin the term " Poetry is Dead" or for that matter the poetic viewpoint that T.S. Elliot was the game changer. What is your idealism or belief? This is not so much a critique as … Continue reading On T.S. Elliot & The Death of Poetry. Another Opinion – R.M. Engelhardt

The World Doesn’t Stop

THE WORLD DOESN'T STOP The world doesn't stopIf you're angry The world doesn't stop ifYou're old or tired It doesn't stop Regardless of your loveOr humanity The earth spins Keeps turning despiteYour lack of conformityOr caring, your belief orA non belief in a God orCharity against war orPoverty The world doesn't stop Even if someone … Continue reading The World Doesn’t Stop

WHERE THERE IS NO VISION: Poems R.M. Engelhardt 2020 Now Available on Amazon

Where There Is No Vision by R.M. Engelhardt   https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08BF44M5R/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr= "Where there is no vision, the people perish; rather, cast off restraint, become ungovernable, cannot be reined in" ~ Exodus 32:22, 25 WHERE THERE IS NO VISION : Is the new book of poetic-prose by poet/writer R.M. Engelhardt written over the last several months March … Continue reading WHERE THERE IS NO VISION: Poems R.M. Engelhardt 2020 Now Available on Amazon


VIOLENCE Violence& Hate Are yourTrue enemies AndThey have no colorNo race Not imaginaryLines which weDraw in the sandOr the walls weBuild Fear WorksHand in hand With bothOf them CausingChaos DeathDestruction The cycle Neverending StoppingThem Impossible Hope &Love Must beInjected Into ourVeins LikeA drug ~ R.M. Engelhardt

I’m Just A Writer

I'M JUST A WRITER One-day. When all this horror ends. Death ends from this virus. When we have thrown all the walking talking garbage, excrement out of our Whitehouse, the lunatic sociopath and all his corporate friends and buddies. When we as the people who have the true power learn that we cannot trust let … Continue reading I’m Just A Writer

TEMPUS EDAX RERUM~ Time The Devourer

TEMPUS  EDAX RERUM What was once in this world  just considered impossible or even science fiction has now become a reality. We have lost so many human lives in such a short amount of time and we have seen our leader's insincere, disturbed &  selfish reactions to it. We have all watched the news and … Continue reading TEMPUS EDAX RERUM~ Time The Devourer


AND YOU WILLREMEMBER Once. There is, wasNothing Is, wasNothing At all But theDead WhoIn theirFinal momentsTheir lastBreath wereSurroundedBy panic And fear Politics And despair StrugglingTo live To survive Unable To scream Where blackOrange &YellowBodybagsLined theHospitalHallways Across nationsAcross the world WherePhotos, mediaFlashedAcross giantInternet screens ConfirmingLoss And theDoctors &NursesEssentialWorkers Fought on Some died But thereIs, was noPrayer … Continue reading AND YOU WILL REMEMBER

Strange Beasts

  STRANGE BEASTS We no longer Dwell in forests The woods or Hunt, ponder About nature Instead We walk through Graveyards On sunny days Admiring the Headstones Of those Who once did Or watch Movies At the mall Gather Our food At Trader Joe's Drink purified Water from Plastic containers And still Allow morons To … Continue reading Strange Beasts


OF CONVERSATIONS FRIENDS & ANGELS   Today I come to you In the memory Of old friends Conversation Over lost time And lost years That have Mysteriously Vanished In both tragedy And revelation Grief And silence Detached from This mere Mortal coil To remember them; They who were Once here and They who once loved … Continue reading OF CONVERSATIONS, FRIENDS & ANGELS