In The Bar At 2am



The drunk guy in the corner says
To which the bartender replies:

“Go Home” “It’s Late”

“You’ve Had Enough”

So you, hearing all this get up and turn your head and look around to catch a glimpse of the drunk guy causing all this commotion thinking that the wasted bastard  is going to make some retort, retaliate or say something funny, so you wait for his witty banter or at least a decent comeback, but it never happens

And then?

Suddenly just as you’re about to leave you stop for a second and see him in the mirror

Looks like he’s leaving too.












When stars fall out of the sky and
all lights fade into silence.
When you grow cold
Eyes grow old
Touch grows cold
Stars fall out of the sky

And lights still fade.

After years
After hours
After moments
That never mattered

You grow cold
Love grows cold
Eyes grow old

And love fails..falls,
Fucked up and silent
Foolish and waiting

In the corner.

When the universe no longer
Yields to your commands

When the mirror finally breaks
And all you are left with is glass

You grow old
touch grows cold
eyes grow old

And all of the stars still
Fall out of the sky

It’s time for the last call.









She’s gone.



Finding me

Here alone on the couch in

The middle of

Another Sunday afternoon

With my good friends

The Clan Macallan

& Warren Zevon

Reminiscing about all

Of the old days & all of

The best days past.

Yet, perhaps it’s all

Just an illusion

Or maybe it’s just the sounds

That bring us all back to

To the land of

Stark raving reality from

The momentary

And marked passing

Of punk poetry, slam dancing

And black leather jackets.

As Warren says to me

“Life Will Kill Ya”

And Macallan says to me

No worries my good son

“Drink up”

For she will soon

Return with

The love that you

Gave her

And your

Foolish, sentimental heart

In her pocket




From “The Resurrection Waltz”, 2013

Drinking Still The Demons …


“The idea that creative endeavor and mind-altering substances are entwined is one of the great pop-intellectual myths of our time. The four twentieth-century writers whose work is most responsible for it are probably Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Sherwood Anderson, and the poet Dylan Thomas. They are the writers who largely formed our vision of an existential English-speaking waste-land where people have been cut off from one another and live in an atmosphere of emotional strangulation and despair. These concepts are very familiar to most alcoholics; the common reaction to them is amusement. Substance-abusing writers are just substance abusers — common garden-variety drunks and druggies, in other words. Any claims that the drugs and alcohol are necessary to dull a finer sensibility are just the usual self-serving bullshit. I’ve heard alcoholic snowplow drivers make the same claim, that they drink to still the demons. It doesn’t matter if you’re James Jones, John Cheever, or a stewbum snoozing in Penn Station; for an addict, the right to the drink or drug of choice must be preserved at all costs. Hemingway and Fitzgerald didn’t drink because they were creative, alienated, or morally weak. They drank because it’s what alkies are wired up to do. Creative people probably do run a greater risk of alcoholism and addiction than those in some other jobs, but so what? We all look pretty much the same when we’re puking in the gutter.”

~ Stephen King. “On Writing”