I wear hope around my neck like a noose. It’s loose enough for me to breathe when I need to get me through the day. And, with each swagger and sway, comes a new belief that there’s a new relief around the way. So I keep going, halfway knowing it’s just a trick my mind likes to play so I don’t quit. Or is it? Maybe, I’ll never know. Maybe I’ll never go past the dreaming that there’s more, the scheming that what I’m searching for is seemingly reminiscent to the folklore that there’s a garden paradise where I can settle and never have to leave. Where I can breathe deep breaths and exhale with abandon. Maybe that paradise is wherever I’m standing… tall, believing in myself, that I can conquer all the sadness and all the madness, and have a ball wherever I go. Could that be the paradise I’m looking for? Maybe. Maybe I’ll never know.

~ Jeremiah



Be thankful.

For round you,

Thy life there is a world

Without conscience

Without light.


All thee who live

And all thee who strive

Strife may not as yet

Have touched your bones.


Be thankful.

For the lark & the light

And the music of the night

And its kingdom.

So far from the dark

And apart from those times

A better world that

Is still trying

To be a better world.


Be thankful.

For the child, and the heart

And the happiness & time

The seasons and the soul and 

The hope that our kind,



Give thanks.

For in the true

Kingdom of Night

There is no love to find,

No beauty, no truth no meaning

And no time

No time

To live

Or be 

Or love

Or find



Be thankful

For it is not merely

The act of being alive,


But for that which

Keeps you alive,

Against the storms

Against the hard times


For among the ruins

There is a shining diamond

A star within the wreckage

Waiting to be found

So be thankful

That the daylight shines

For you

Each morning

And that the moon

Remains to remind

That time, life

Is merely a passing dream

And that the night

Good or bad 

Shall eventually pass

For good.


R.M. Engelhardt 2011