At The End of The World

R.M. Engelhardt They used to say this place is called the "End of the World" And it has gone by many other names Like Apocalypse Rapture End Days And people have been talkingAbout it forever, for centuriesPutting it in books But if you chooseTo believe in all of this, Do nothing. Don't stand. Don't change.Don't … Continue reading At The End of The World

When The Words Fail

Sometimes in life we go through bouts of failure. No inspiration, the chips are down. Maybe you've lost a friend or a loved one. Maybe you're behind on the rent. But whatever you're going through? Never stop writing. Never stop creating. Find those things that mean the most to you. Let them inspire you. Dig … Continue reading When The Words Fail

The Outside World

As you get older the more things change – for the better or for the worse. Sometimes being a writer and becoming somewhat of an self-isolationist is like being in a sanctuary and finding your true self, your true voice and words. The outside world never goes away. It will always be there. ~ R.M. … Continue reading The Outside World