The World Doesn’t Stop


The world doesn’t stop
If you’re angry

The world doesn’t stop if
You’re old or tired

It doesn’t stop

Regardless of your love
Or humanity

The earth spins

Keeps turning despite
Your lack of conformity
Or caring, your belief or
A non belief in a God or
Charity against war or

The world doesn’t stop

Even if someone pulls
The trigger or sets a church
On fire

You can love or not love
Live or stop living
Hope or not hope

Dream or stop dreaming

It’s all up to you
The choice is yours

And no one else

You can protest
Write endless songs or
Poems or be whoever
You want

But in the end?

The final verse
Falls upon us all

An act of infinite
Gesture or a passing
Without thought or

And the earth
Shall still carry on
Without you

The birds shall still
Chirp in morning light
& the trees shall still
Sway in the wind

And the world
Doesn’t stop

So the most you can do is
Write your name upon
The rocks

And leave your message
For the lost

With instructions
For a better world

And hope
They listen

The World Doesn't Stop Poem R.M. Engelhardt
The World Doesn’t Stop

~ R.M. Engelhardt ©2022



“Time is very slow for those who wait;
very fast for those who are scared;
very long for those who lament;
very short for those who celebrate; but for those who love, time is eternal.”

~ Shakespeare



If death is like a sonnet then life would be a haiku. The sonnet, a lyrical poem, the beauty and magic with the last breath~ love, words fading and floating off into the abyss that is space whilst our everyday lives or days more important than normal become just a mere whisper in only a few short syllables through which we convey with our hearts the truth of the universe in a single moment briefly.

~ R.M. Engelhardt