The King of Bohemia

George Sterling (1869-1926); King of Bohemia and central figure in the Californian literary scene of the early twentieth century. Pupil of Ambrose Bierce, whom he called "The Master," mentor to Clark Ashton Smith, friend of Jack London, Robinson Jeffers and Nora May French. Perhaps best known for his epic poems The Testimony of the Suns … Continue reading The King of Bohemia


Poetry is much much more than all of the definitions, theories or explanations that you read or hear about everyday. Poetry is not just a form, a quote or one or two popular poets or pop stars  in the media. Poetry is not hip hop or gangsta rap, slam or new formalism, gay or straight, … Continue reading WHAT IS POETRY? POETRY IS YOU

New Poems In The Fractured Nuance #1

Two More Of My New Poems ‘The Waiting’ and 'Underground’ will be featured in issue #1 Of The Fractured Nuance Out Of The UK. Check It Out: The Fractured Nuance issue #1 (UK ORDERS ONLY)  £2.50 Creative writing from: Christopher Barnes Krishan Coupland R.M. Engelhardt Christopher Evans Megan MacAlpin Matthew Walsh Patricia Walsh ~ R.M.