The Outsider …

“…The Outsider is doubly a rebel: a rebel against the Established Church, a rebel against the unestablished church of materialism. Yet for all this, he is the real spiritual heir of the prophets…The purest religion of any age lies in the hands of its spiritual rebels.

The twentieth century is no exception.”

~ Colin Wilson


It is and will always be what you say, what you write and what art you actually create that truly matters the most. Popularity doesn’t determine your worth and the followers will always come & go looking for the next big thing. That’s the unfortunate side effect of too much mass media. People not noticing what’s amazing or beautiful, what’s lasting or meaningful right in front of their own eyes. Poetry & art, music isn’t fast food. It’s eternal.

~ R.M. Engelhardt

EPITAPH. A Poem R.M. Engelhardt


A Poem by R.M.Engelhardt
With Music By Will Nivins
Love Is The Devil spoken word
Project 2007

EPITAPH R.M. Engelhardt

Dark Magic


Was the
1st time
I heard
Jim Morrison
Through an
Old transistor
Radio while
Sitting on a
Bench at the

I was
Five years
Old and
There was
In my midst
Electricity &
Fear & something
I had never heard

If you
Give this man
A ride sweet
Family will die

Riders On The Storm

Riders On The Storm

And I said
Swore myself
My soul
To the words
To the spell
To the soul of


~ R.M. Engelhardt

Nostalgia Act


Aren’t you that
Poet who was famous

That poet
Who lived
That wore
That old leather
Jacket & who
Was kinda like
A punk rock vampire
Lord Byron meets
Edgar Allan Poe

I really liked
That poem you
Wrote the young millennial
Girl says
It was totally awesome
My mom has the book

Thank you

Which one?

I inquire

You know
That one about
Dying without her
Love & sadness
Loss & self

That one


“Come As You Are”

I smile
Take a sip of my
Coffee, excuse myself
From the room


~ R.M. Engelhardt/19




C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_tumblr_ogkth5JfR41rssi62o1_1280.jpgThe grim reaper must be lonely
Or perhaps God is, sending him
Fishing for musicians, poets & actors, jesters and the like.
Or maybe the reaper was just bored in a place where it’s always
Dark and never light.

So he decided to play a joke on us
And made our new leader the joke

Yes, this year the reaper has been quite busy lining up all his stops

Playing with the chessboard in the
Basement and taking the muse’s pawns

And has left us all to sink or swim
And find new ones to inspire
Generations to fight the dark as well

Or maybe just so he
Can play the game

~ R.M.