In The End

In the end, I am not interested in that which I fully understand. The words I’ve written over the years are just a veneer. There are truths that lie beneath the surface of the words. Truths that rise up without warning like the humps of a sea monster – and then disappear. What performance and song is to me is finding a way to tempt that monster to the surface. To create a space where the creature can break through what is real and what is known to us. This shimmering space, where imagination and reality intercept. This is where all love and tears and joy exist. This is the place. This is where we live.”

—   Nick Cave, 20,000 days on Earth

Nick Cave

I don’t claim to understand the troubles that you’ve had.
But the dogs you say they fed you to lay their muzzles in your lap and the lions that they led you to lie down and take a nap.
The ones you fear are wind and air…
and I love you without measure
it seems we can be happy now, be it better late than never.

Sweetheart, come.
Sweetheart, come to me.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds,  Sweetheart Come