Night Walking

NIGHT WALKING SometimesWe get lonely SometimesWe feel alone It doesn't really matterIn a world of a billion peopleMore than that inhabitingThe earth It's just a matterOf the dark And the light We walk throughCities & crowdedStreets but all thesePeople are strangers You can get a drinkAt the bar or justLook into the eyesOf passerbys All … Continue reading Night Walking

The Lost Poems From Nod. R.M. Engelhardt 2003

Twenty years ago I wrote a chapbook called Nod. 2003. These were some poems based on the experimental style of EE Cummings & George Oppen Many of the poems were published on now long gone poetry journal internet sites and as we know many online journals don't last forever. Here are a few poems. Hope … Continue reading The Lost Poems From Nod. R.M. Engelhardt 2003

nOpE ~A poem by R.M. Engelhardt

In the beginning was the word, the wordThat from the solid bases of the lightAbstracted all the letters of the void;And from the cloudy bases of the breathThe word flowed up, translating to the heartFirst characters of birth and death. ~ Dylan Thomas,In The Beginning NoPe The 1st poem wasn'tWritten in EnglishIn fact it wasn'tWritten … Continue reading nOpE ~A poem by R.M. Engelhardt


    She’s gone. Temporarily Forever Finding me Here alone on the couch in The middle of Another Sunday afternoon With my good friends The Clan Macallan & Warren Zevon Reminiscing about all Of the old days & all of The best days past. Yet, perhaps it’s all Just an illusion Or maybe it’s just … Continue reading MY THERAPISTS ARE MR. ZEVON & MR. SCOTCH


  Epitaph for The lost poem Which contained Everything And nothing. Touched everyone, anyone Who desired The mystery of mysteries Words of words, which brought forth Language Both blessed & cursed us Married us, buried us and parted The heavens and the Deep blue seas Made Houdini disappear And broke the sole of Khrushchev’s soul … Continue reading EPITAPH


      Before super models Ruled the earth There were people. Before idiots Controlled The government There were wise men. The future Is now The past. Desolate faces Ride subway trains & buses without Hope. Hoping. And politics Has become A children’s Game. While going down On Madison Avenue The persuaders, Manipulators & Predators Worship … Continue reading REALITY IS BAD FOR BIZNESS