This Night, Invisible~ A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt

THIS NIGHT, INVISIBLE aninvocation atrance at duskthe soulswander in1 by 1in a procession of tragedy faith & loss where the clocksall timehas stopped andthe dancebegins whichnever ends moves beyondthe flesh your gods as sound - words - voices- writhe- wound - annihilate worship a once emptyspace a void S C R E A M M … Continue reading This Night, Invisible~ A Poem By R.M. Engelhardt

It’s Official. Poets & Writers

It's Official. After many years of publishing, writing and creating groups and poetry spoken-word events such as Albany Poets, Vox, The School of Night, The Albany WordFest, The Troy Poetry Mission and many others I've finally been honored with my listing in Poets & Writers. Thank you. Poets & Writers R.M. Engelhardt #rmengelhardt #albanypoets #poetsandwriters … Continue reading It’s Official. Poets & Writers

The Poem Remains: Tribulations

The"Bones of Our Existence, A Journal 2046" my new book is now up & online. Find the words, the work & the poetry here. Look for 2 , The free PDF chapbook and the audio versions of the pieces to be added soon.   Thanks again for all your support, love and comments.   The … Continue reading The Poem Remains: Tribulations