DeadMansPressInk & The School of Night Newsletter

To many of those of you who follow or read my work there are only a few that are aware that I run, along with my friend and coeditor Hex M' Jai a small independent poetry press known as DeadMansPressInk as well as a page called The School of Night Newsletter which promotes the teachings … Continue reading DeadMansPressInk & The School of Night Newsletter

Poems In Retort Magazine

I WAS ONCE DEAD TOOIn a famous paintingof Christ nailed toand crucified upon the crossI am the watching¬†leper on the right.And with my one good eyeI watch as Jesus diesand screams up intodarkening sky askinghis father for a reasonwhy?And then, suddenly¬†as the clouds open upand the rain beginsthe Romans scatter like mice,the water, burning off … Continue reading Poems In Retort Magazine