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RAW anger initiated by those who embrace
racism, prejudice & hate .

RAW humor and honesty, odes to icons as human beings.
And the RAW deception of political failures destroying our world as we speak.

RAW POETRY No cliches. No punches held back.

RAW imagery swept up in the mourning of our times.

This is RAW . This is POETRY. This is a DECLARATION

Of WAR and a verbally destructive threat, a manifesto to those who would annihilate freedom
and democracy in these days of idiots & insincerity.

This isn’t just a book about political poems but about
poetry & life itself.


Published By DEAD MAN’S PRESS INK 2023

R.M. Engelhardt is an American Poet, Writer & Author who over the last 30 some years has   published several books of poetry including Where There Is No Vision, Coffee Ass Blues & Other Poems, The Last Cigarette: The Collected Poems of R.M. Engelhardt, The Resurrection Waltz, Dark Lands and others. Through his ideas and visions he has helped to create a large amount of the Upstate/Albany, NY spoken word~poetry scene and is the former host of the long running “The School of Night”  An Open Forum-Mic For All Poets in the late 1990’s/Early 2000’s and now hosts the “Invocation of The Muse” Spoken Word Poetry Event Monthly in downtown Albany NY.  He is also the creator of the “School of Night Newsletter” which supports the Spiritual, Pagan-Wiccan community as well as being the Editor of the independent small poetry press DeadMansPressInk which publishes, promotes and helps writers & poets to put their unique work out into the world with a concentration on Pagan Poetics & experimental literature.

His work has been published by such journals as Retort, Red Fez, Rusty Truck, Sure! The Charles Bukowski Newsletter, Thunder Sandwich, Fashion For Collapse, 2nd Avenue, The Angry Poet, Winedrunk Sidewalk, Full of Crow, The Outlaw Poetry Network, The Rye Whiskey Review, Fishbowl Poetry Press, The Black Shamrock,  Trailer Park Quarterly, Spillwords, Dumpster Fire Press,  Punk Noir Magazine & in many others. The original founder of the group Albany Poets.Org (Now a part of The HVWG) and the creator of The Albany WordFest he currently lives in Upstate NY where he writes and lives with wife poet/writer/artist Kali who is a writer, photographer & artist.

*His new books of poetry are entitled “We Rise Like Smoke” Poems, Psalms & Incantations 2021 & “Of Spirit, Ash & Bone” Poems*Parables 2022 now both available on Amazon as well as his previous books, ” Darklands” 2019 & ” The Resurrection Waltz” 2012.

Literary agent: 

Dead Man’s Press Ink, Albany NY