In the time of the world’s night, the poet utters the holy ~ Heidegger Broken. Like the words or like the song Or like the man or like the poem His muse, his wife, his dog And if it ain’t gonna walk It begs It crawls And will eventually die Alone. Solitary-slow, old & … Continue reading SAINT POEM BY R.M. ENGELHARDT

Monkeys Are Rewriting Shakespeare …

William Shakespeare is often regarded as the world’s pre-eminent writer, but so what? Most of his complete works are so elementary, they could be written by monkeys. Don’t think so? Just ask Jesse Anderson. NEWS: Monkeys Invent New Fishing Technique Anderson, a software developer in Nevada, is up to some serious monkey business. He recently … Continue reading Monkeys Are Rewriting Shakespeare …

R.M. Engelhardt Poet~Writer, Albany, NY Albany, NY based poet, writer R.M. Engelhardt has published several books over the last decade including Nod~Logos~Alchemy~The Last Cigarette: The Collected Poems of R.M. Engelhardt & others. His current experimental book of poetry & prose is called “Versus-Lexikon” A poet & writer, Engelhardt through his ideas & visions has … Continue reading


IN THE CHURCH OFCOFFEE AND SMOKES “And now, Let us all pray”Ex-hale.Does anybodyHave a cigarette?Let’s all talk about your day, Light up simultaneously.Oh Lord,I need more sugarIn my coffeeAnd not that artificial Crap Confession;One on one,Let’s all talk aboutAll of your sins,Smiling.No hail Mary’s, no regretsFor our God only demandsMore cigarettes.And that you light up … Continue reading IN THE CHURCH OF COFFEE AND SMOKES