They say that
To be alone is
Either a heaven or
A hell

I’ve seen both

These moments
Something between
Zen or
Near suicide
An epiphany
Or a failure
A reckoning or
A dream

It’s humanity
It’s just about
Being human
It’s either desperation
Or the muse
The silence
Or the weary
The lonesome heart
Of all that is either
Noble or fair
Rich or poor
Loved or unloved

And in this
We become
And in this
We find what
Defines us

The soul
Is a silent
Angel merely
To speak

Just For A Moment …

Into The Mystic...Silence

Take a walk into the dark

Alone with your heart

In silence.

For there is no one around

The world is at peace

The great wind howls

The voices have ceased.

Rest your soul

For it is all that

You have,

Among the trees

As in daylight

You pass on by the

Wounded & the noise

Of being, the rush of chaos

The anxiety of a modern city

New & concrete,

Hurry now

To catch the next bus, subway


To nowhere or some place

Your destination repeating.

For the neon lights

Are not as beautiful as the stars,

And the stars upon the tv falter.


Aging without

The grace of


For the machine,

Like the earth keeps on



Without the hesistation

Of thought.


Take a walk into the dark,

Alone in solitude

With your heart

And breathe.


R.M. Engelhardt  2011