Love In The Mid-West

In this dream. You are a painting by Thomas Hart Benton with luxurious black hair and beautiful pale white skin Asleep. An old hillbilly a mid-west aging Pluto attempts to touch you, looks at you from around the corner in awe and sublime wonder and its obvious and plain to see that he is complete … Continue reading Love In The Mid-West


              We were hanging out drinking a few shots with that asshole Mephistopheles. He (as usual) was trying to boug a few drinks, and (as usual) we..ignored him. At work as usual it was one long fucking day. I was stuck putting up the sequoia's and disagreed; God liked … Continue reading THE DAY GOD BECAME POPULAR


Back in 1994 she was the model of all French fashion, her hair slightly unclean and tied up in a Princess Leia double knot cinnamon bun. She's always late but ahead of her time. Never shaves her underarms and on occasion, wears makeup, and even glasses. All of the time talking to me on the … Continue reading F E E L