On "Dark Lands" By R.M. Engelhardt. Telegraphic missives from the bleak future of now taking in spirit machine and blood . A faint hope beyond hopelessness still guiding the words . ~ Steve Kilbey (The Church) ************ http://www.lulu.com/shop/rm-engelhardt/darklands-poems/paperback/product-24216297.html   "R.M. Engelhardt's Darklands reads like a quick shuffle through the Killing Fields, digging … Continue reading DARK LANDS

It’s Official. Poets & Writers

It's Official. After many years of publishing, writing and creating groups and poetry spoken-word events such as Albany Poets, Vox, The School of Night, The Albany WordFest, The Troy Poetry Mission and many others I've finally been honored with my listing in Poets & Writers. Thank you. Poets & Writers R.M. Engelhardt #rmengelhardt #albanypoets #poetsandwriters … Continue reading It’s Official. Poets & Writers

The Mission Returns! 2018

Welcome To The Troy Poetry Scene 2018 ! The Troy Poetry Mission returns to O'Brien's Public House on Wednesday, January 31st with a public poetry spoken word open mic . No feature, just poets. This month we encourage you to to just bring a few poems, have a drink and be a part of the … Continue reading The Mission Returns! 2018

Troy Poetry Mission (Thank You)

http://www.troypoetrymission.com #troyny. #poetry.  #thanks GREETINGS (And HELLO to all our FELLOW POETS & POETRY FRIENDS) We here at the amazing TROY POETRY MISSION would just like to take this small, tiny, even miniscule moment of your time today to say THANK YOU and to tell you how much we truly appreciate your monthly patronage of … Continue reading Troy Poetry Mission (Thank You)


Be thankful. For round you, Thy life there is a world Without conscience Without light. To; All thee who live And all thee who strive Strife may not as yet Have touched your bones. So Be thankful. For the lark & the light And the music of the night And its kingdom. So far from … Continue reading IN THE KINGDOM OF NIGHT (Be Thankful)