Poems By Steve Kilbey

Listed below are the haunting words of Steve Kilbey. Many are familiar with his lyrics and music, but now, we are given intro to the intricate meanderings of his thoughts in prose. As the Church has always brought us soul-aching music then here we are witness to the darker side of humanity as only Kilbey … Continue reading Poems By Steve Kilbey

The Poems Of Twenty-Odd Six.

Ahhhhhhh… Poetic Thomas Wolfe and Jack Kerouac Unicorns, God and the bible Rimbaud, Venus and Lucifer All in a dream, and a smoke. Death and the quiet of night Gunshots romantic and sad And Tupac, Cobain & Lennon All sitting in a cafeteria Drinking coffee Reading books And discussing them With Poe Who nods and … Continue reading The Poems Of Twenty-Odd Six.