Words are powerful.

Words make a difference.

They can create and destroy.

They can open doors and close doors.

Words can create illusion or magic

Love or destruction

All those things.

~ R.M. Engelhardt


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R.M. Engelhardt.



“Where there is no vision, the people perish; rather, cast off restraint,

become ungovernable, cannot be reined in” ~ Exodus 32:22, 25


Now Available on Amazon.

Is the new book of poetic-prose by poet/writer R.M. Engelhardt written over the last several months March ~June of 2020 coming off of his last book of mysticism & poetry “DarkLands”. His new work”Where There Is No Vision” poetically and vividly captures the days & these times of fear, racism, death and the coronavirus quarantine with all the rage, truth, anger, grieving & sadness of a divided, broken & exploited American people betrayed by their own sociopathic President and even by both parties of their own government who did nothing to stop his reign or the death surrounding us themselves. The year 2020 will be remembered as the year a great nation was almost destroyed by a tyrant and his supporters. “Where There Is No Vision” will also be remembered for it’s scathing cry out against a country & administration which refuses to change or even save it’s own people who are on the verge of a near revolution and a recognition of false heroes, values and the destruction of a fraudulent democracy ruled by wealth & race.

Be Warned. A Reckoning is Coming.




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We Rise Like Smoke Poems 2021
R.M. Engelhardt


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