We Rise Like Smoke Book Interview With NIPPERTOWN 07.27.21

Many Thanx !https://fb.watch/71eKfFH7JI/ Had a great interview last night with friend Jim Gilbert & Nippertown last night about the history of the Albany, NY Poetry Scene, Writing & My New Book if Poems “We Rise Like Smoke : Poems Psalms Incantations” 2021/Published by DEADMANSPRESSINK. Now Available On Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/RISE-LIKE-SMOKE-MYTHOS-R-M-ENGELHARDT/dp/B099BYN9T3

American Portrait MLK Poetry Project

https://news.northwestern.edu/stories/2021/01/trethewey-mlk-day/#.YARmQPKb-rU.twitter Happy To Be A Part of This PBS American Portrait Project On Martin Luther King Day. ~ R.M. Engelhardt https://www.pbs.org/american-portrait/story/23568/rm-e-troy-ny-for-my-people #poetry #pbs #mlkday #rmengelhardt #gentlemanoutsider #writers #america #poets


WAYLOST   There upon that intent star: Trust of wandering men: of truth The most reminding witness: we fix our eyes also: waylost: the wanderers: ~ Macleish   Something is Different SomethingHas changed Perhaps We are justAll worn out Tired From the fight And we wantPeace Sleep But the enemyIs still there Waiting And weAreContinue reading “WAYLOST”

WHERE THERE IS NO VISION: Poems R.M. Engelhardt 2020 Now Available on Amazon

Where There Is No Vision by R.M. Engelhardt   “Where there is no vision, the people perish; rather, cast off restraint, become ungovernable, cannot be reined in” ~ Exodus 32:22, 25 WHERE THERE IS NO VISION : Is the new book of poetic-prose by poet/writer R.M. Engelhardt written over the last several months March ~JuneContinue reading “WHERE THERE IS NO VISION: Poems R.M. Engelhardt 2020 Now Available on Amazon”