Sir Geoffrey Hill ~RIP

“Not as we are but as we must appear, contractual ghosts of pity; not as we desire life, but as they would have us live, set apart in timeless colloquy. So it is required; so we bear witness, despite ourselves, to what is beyond us, each distant sphere of harmony forever poised, unanswerable. It is … Continue reading Sir Geoffrey Hill ~RIP

Poetry, Reality TV And Rebellion

Ezra Pound was one of the most original and influential poets of the 20th century. Not only did he point out new directions for poetry with his own trailblazing verse, he helped promote important modernist writers such as T S Eliot and James Joyce. Now for the bad news. By the time the second world … Continue reading Poetry, Reality TV And Rebellion


  NOTE:   Preferred Flowers for funeral… Or one flower only please; Kennedia … Angelica…Lilac or Iris And upon said date of expiration, Please inscribe names of said flowers upon heart, mind & soul “Here” Category….  In Word Media Filed Under: Lost poets, minor poets, local poets, major poets DEAD poets living poets no longer … Continue reading LAST  RITES