I WAS ONCE DEAD TOO In a famous painting of Christ nailed to and crucified upon the cross I am the watching leper on the right. And with my one good eye I watch as Jesus dies and screams up into darkening sky asking his father for a reason why? And then, suddenly as theContinue reading

POETS WANTED: The Saint Poem Reading Series For Poets, Albany-NY

The Saint Poem Reading Series, Albany-NY leave a comment » SAINT POEM READING SERIES FOR POETS COMES TO THE UPSTATE ARTISTS GUILD Reading Set To Bring New Voices & New Poetry To The Capital Region In The Arts Community. THE SAINT POEM READING SERIES AT THE UAG _________________________ Poetry is just the evidence of life. If yourContinue reading “POETS WANTED: The Saint Poem Reading Series For Poets, Albany-NY”

Poetry Reading…

Poetry Reading To be a boxer, or not to be thereat all. O Muse, where are our teeming crowds? Twelve people in the room, eight seats to spareit’s time to start this cultural affair.Half came inside because it started raining, the rest are relatives. O Muse. The women here would love to rant and rave,Continue reading “Poetry Reading…”

Saint Poem…

SAINT POEM SAINT POEM saint poem   Broken.like the words or like the poemor like the man who lost his favorite songhis muse, his wife his dogand if it ain’t gonna walk, it begs,  it crawls,  and eventually dies alone. solitary-slow, old & torn up, screaming like some bloody blood drenched hearta sonnet that once ached,Continue reading “Saint Poem…”

UnSung Poets: Maxwell Bodenheim

Maxwell Bodenheim Birth: May 26, 1892 Death: Feb. 6, 1954  Blind     Blinder than oak-trees in the wind Endlessly weaving sighs into a poem To sight, He sits, the light of one pale purple lantern Seeping into his dream-hollowed face, Like floating, transparent words Pale with unuttered meanings. He mends a flute and sighs asContinue reading “UnSung Poets: Maxwell Bodenheim”

R.M. Engelhardt Poet~Writer ~ Albany, NY-Networked Blog

http://www.rmengelhardtpoet.com Albany, NY based poet, writer R.M. Engelhardt has published several books over the last decade including Nod~Logos~Alchemy~The Last Cigarette: The Collected Poems of R.M. Engelhardt & others. His current experimental book of poetry & prose is called “Versus~Lexikon 2010” A poet & writer, Engelhardt through his ideas & visions has helped to create aContinue reading “R.M. Engelhardt Poet~Writer ~ Albany, NY-Networked Blog”

In Seasons Of

IN SEASONS OF In seasons of PleasureIn her languageI live Seemliest, fairest.She,My powerA gracious chance which I have receivedKnowAll others removed in her light hue/hairher eyesWith lovely face upon me she smiled I turntherefore towards love, Lady,Longing has come upon meWith cleverexcellenceAnd a neck,  beauty whiterthan any maiden seen. Wooing in morning worn out fromContinue reading “In Seasons Of”


S M O K E  &  M I R R O R S Dear Poet, Please do tell us, Do say. SPEAK Of what is “Human”? Shakespeare Writing writing writing Again & again About love & Betrayal. And Mr. Blake, Always writing About all those winged angels above Whilst Lucifer Sits alone in his BasementContinue reading “SMOKE & MIRRORS”