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Where To Get My Books…

THE LAST CIGARETTE: THE COLLECTED POEMS OF R.M. ENGELHARDT First? I want to thank all of you who have welcomed me onto Tumblr with my new blog. It’s great to find a place where your poems…work is thoroughly appreciated and where  what you have to contribute & say matters. Second? A few people have alreadyContinue reading “Where To Get My Books…”

The Poems Of Twenty-Odd Six.

Ahhhhhhh… Poetic Thomas Wolfe and Jack Kerouac Unicorns, God and the bible Rimbaud, Venus and Lucifer All in a dream, and a smoke. Death and the quiet of night Gunshots romantic and sad And Tupac, Cobain & Lennon All sitting in a cafeteria Drinking coffee Reading books And discussing them With Poe Who nods andContinue reading “The Poems Of Twenty-Odd Six.”

Houdini & The Afterlife

Houdini & The Afterlife And now, Your attention pleaseLadies and gentlemen Join hands… In a “Séance” Halloween. The gone goodbye. The last touch for the last time all dies and memories all linger & all fade Leave. Requiem. Invite the ghosts for all thenight and all the long days which they have waited energies ionizedContinue reading “Houdini & The Afterlife”


LEXIKON Initiate. Trans-mute, TranscendAll “Matter” Bring Forth,And Thus Summon All Gods … And WordsObsolete (They Return) Creation. Soul. Dimension. Time. AWAKEN “The Dead” Sound~ECHO Of Crashing Waves EntitiesDying Against All Flesh Bleeding, Bled Into VOICE. As the Smoke Of Her Cigarettes, Her Smell& The Image Of Her Body All Still Linger, Like A Poem, PerfumeContinue reading “LEXIKON…”

Comte Lautremont~The Songs of Malador

The First Voyage… Here on my blog it’s one thing to read or check out my work but as I have been doing now for some years I wish to share and explore the works of poets & writers whom I’ve labeled “Un-Sung Heroes”. Among these writers, musicians and poets in the past have beenContinue reading “Comte Lautremont~The Songs of Malador”

Collected Poems Article, 2006.

Engelhardt Publishes His Collected Poems MICHAEL ECK Special to the Times UnionSection: Arts-Events, Page: H1 Date: Sunday, October 29, 2006 R.M. Engelhardt wears black sunglasses in the shade. He chain-smokes Djarums until his head is wreathed in a clove-scented cloud. And, in the middle of the day, he sucks down coffee like a trucker onContinue reading “Collected Poems Article, 2006.”