Two Poems More Than – Evening



More than just this;

A hand, a halo, a tryst,

Swallowed up in imagery

Synergy … the electricity

Of a single.. simple …. ‘Word’.

Phrases given by divine intervention,

Ecstasy or the need for flight,

From God or Buddha, Mohammad

Or the night.

More than just this;

Your love, your voice exists.

Re-invents astrology resists where history, temptation has been,

Genesis, or the temporal servants of the momentary rhyme,

Or a monumental pause … of the mind.

More than just this;

Poetry must be

Can be

Much more than just a drunk

Or a mere critic, a contagious madman

A martyr, a saint, your youth, your death, or your age.

This crime of sincerity

More than just an eternity


R.M. Engelhardt




You kill me.

Slow pulse, slow your image still burning



As all these voices come out

Into the dark, at night.

My love, my sadness… ‘Night’

You, more than just another dance

With the moon.

R.M. Engelhardt

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