The World

You are an

Angel with a

Martyr’s crown.

Eyes cast

Downward upon

The ground



The long loud lines

Of industry, traffic, commerce

Every moment alive to die

Held tight by the within

Where you gasp take hands

Take heart take shelter from

The world.

This world;

Aware & so full of

Mad men & mad women, demons

A society hanging on NOW

On high on volume on 10 on



Not today

Not tomorrow

Become one of them

Fit in


Make do.

Don’t think

Don’t disagree

And forget

All the things that

They say “Don’t Matter”

Like literature

And your poetry

Your books & you’re feelings

And the journal that is you.

For you child

Are only an angel

With a martyr’s crown


Just another misfit

A ne’er-do-wel

But do not

Do not ever

Let them

Take away who you are

For that is the gift

That can never be



R.M. Engelhardt 2011

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