Some People


Some people.


Some people, will lie

Some people, will cheat.


Play dead

Play the martyr

Destroy all others


Regardless…of the outcome.


Never taking the blame

Never taking the fall,

And never feeling the pain


Of all others.


And someone once told me;


“That honest people don’t exist anymore in the 21st century”


And someone once told me;


“That love…is dead”


And perhaps, they were right.


But I am not a romantic

I am a romantic

I am the last rational man


With a soul.


I am the last human being left who still believes


In “The Way”


I have done the unavoidable.

I have done the unreliable.

And I have been the unwanted… as well.


“The Dead”


“The Living”


“The Risen”


So call me… what you will.

Do your best, or do… your worst.


But either way, know this;


That you can never win

A battle against a man

Who’s already gone head to head

With the universe


And “Lost”



R.M. Engelhardt

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