Among saints & sinners,

Good & evil

God & Satan

Nothing matters.

Among books filled with

Words, conformed and

Pressed into a small child’s



Nothing matters.

Among the shadows,

Self-esteem cut down by

Authority and the egos of

Those who have murdered and

Buried their dreams

Nothing matters.

Among the opinions & speculations,

Expectations ten long years after

Who is the failure and what

Is contentment

Nothing matters.

Among the critics and

The sad petty levelers

The damned & the damning

Nothing matters.

Among the forgotten,

The wild actions of a

Once uncaring, unconscious youth

Nothing matters.

Among the depressed, the once

Suicidal who couldn’t

Find his place in reality’s schemes

Nothing matters.

Among the conquests,

Among the losses & unreal lovers,

The young women made love to and the

False makeup queens soul-fucking in the

Aftermath of ruins & chaos and the

Human heart

Nothing matters.

And among the love given and

Taken, created & destroyed,

Possessed and disowned

Nothing matters.

For these words … are my religion,

This voice … is my church,

This poetry … is my existence

And nothing else matters.


R.M. Engelhardt   


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