lummox 3




Epitaph for



The lost poem

Which contained



And nothing.


Touched everyone, anyone

Who desired


The mystery of mysteries

Words of words, which brought forth




Both blessed & cursed us

Married us, buried us and parted


The heavens and the

Deep blue seas



Made Houdini disappear

And broke the sole of

Khrushchev’s soul


Shot Kennedy

And then shot a rocket


To the moon



Sold us, indiscriminate

Commanded us to war and glory

And holocaust – unimagined imagination

The scavengers & architects, history

Fighting for space apocalyptic

Down on Wall Street and in the Silicone Valley



Stages of poetry and stages

Of time living, breathing & dying

On the battlefields


Of life.


The Poem,


Too early


Too late


Too bad


The lost poem

Which contained

Nothing and everything

Everything and nothing


At all.



You left it home on the

Kitchen table where your children

Drew on it

In crayon


It is just as well.


~ R.M.

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