Poetry Breakfast Reopens Its Doors


Poetry Breakfast

Beginning March 20th, 2016 Poetry Breakfast will once again serve a little poetic nourishment every morning.

Please see our Submission Guidelines for all the details.

And don’t forget to tell all your word eating friends that we’ll be serving poetry for breakfast.

Poetry Breakfast caters to poets and poetry lovers in two ways.  First, we deliver a new poem every morning.  Additionally, we host a Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet every Sunday.

Daily Poetry Breakfast: (Beginning March 20th, 20016)

Every morning, Poetry Breakfast delivers a new poem.  Our daily poems are handpicked by the editor to insure they are fresh and delicious.  If you are interested having your poems added to our menu, see our Submission Guidelines.  Submissions are accepted year-round.

Sunday Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet: (Beginning Feb. 14th, 2016)

Each Sunday we offer a buffet of inspiration to spark your creative juices.  Additionally, all poets are…

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