Death Is Open For Business



I stopped by for Emily
And then for all her friends
Sometimes (over the years)
I still forget all their

Writers, poets
Actors & the commonplace
Of sorts, and the royalty always
Received special discounts
And deals

You see you might know me
I’ve been doing this for awhile
I used to keep scrolls
But now that’s just embarrassing
So I just use my phone
And everybody still
Knows my name
Maybe you’ve seen my
Profile on FB?
All the people
Talking about me

Damn .. I’m really popular

Black is out and
Neon is in
I started the trend
By the way

And all the celebrities
Are just dying to
See me as always

So if you’re a famous
Rockstar please don’t
Message me or text me
I’m quite busy

And I don’t do
Crossroads pacts
I only accept straight up cash

With no middle men

And these days
As you may have
Already guessed
I only  mostly deal directly with
Businessman & politicians

So got a problem?
Wanna be the president?
I’m willing to cut you
A deal

Btw? Did I mention
I’m on FB?

I’ve traded in my
Scythe for a credit card
Of souls and I
Make my withdrawals

So are you next
On my list?

Wouldn’t you like to be?

The Reaper?
Pllllleeeeaaasssse …
I don’t go by that
Old fashioned name

It’s been overused
Blue Oyster Cult & their more cowbell
Saw to that


I simply call myself
An extraordinary broker
Of souls

(So let’s talk)

Because death
Is open for business

Here’s my card
Expect my call
I’ll be waiting
To meet you

Everyone does


~ R.M. Engelhardt 2017deathinbusiness

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