In The Silence

In The Silence

Political headlines
The same ol’ shit
Not a day passes
Without anger

The gods of war
The gods of pestilence
The gods of media
Have destroyed our
Inner peace as each
Part each peace of
Our soul fades away
And dies a little bit
As the darkness
Overshadows our

Our country tis
Of thee sweet
Land of liberty
Let freedom ring

But the world
All changed
One day when
We were at work
Or taking care of
Our children or
Taking the dog
For a walk

We didn’t
See it coming
We didn’t believe
That such things
Could ever happen


And just like
Germany just like
God we turned our
Backs and walked

In the silence
Hateful of our
Own cowardice
Our own useless voices
Now too late to
Stop the darkness


In years to come
Remember this
This time this
America this

That moment
When you said
Nothing did
Nothing & ran
Away from it all
Like a frightened

Who doesn’t
His own home
Or where he belongs


#secondcivilwarletters #trump #independenceday #ignoringthetruth #rmengelhardt

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