Jim Morrison Lives In My Basement

Jim Morrison Lives In My Basement


Didn’t really

Die in


He actually

Moved back to

The states &

Drank alot of


Where no one

Recognized him

Or knew his


Then one day

He showed up

On my doorstep

Asking for a

Notebook & a

Pen claiming

He was once

The Lizard King

And that’s

How it all


So I let him

Move into

My basement

Where now he

Just sings old blues

Songs all day long

And quotes Rimbaud

& William Blake

He just

Drinks beer and

He never bathes

His old leather

Pants reeking


Of pee

But his


His poetry

Is amazing

But mostly

All about his

Beard & magical

Realms where

Old guys who

Only have beards

Are kings

He’s strange

But he’s Jim

Last week

I gave him a

A Taylor Swift

CD just to

See what he

Would do

He uses it

As a drink

Coaster and

Is now convinced

That the end times

Are nigh

I agree

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