“It’s cold out here
I’m freezin’ ta death!”


An old man
Says teeth chattering
In his skull


I walk past
All the bars the
Hipsters the vagrants
Past the bright lights
Of clubs & stores
That offer no refuge
From the below zero
Glare of street lamps
And cars


But there
She stands freezing
Shaking uncontrollably
On the corner
In a short dress
& a thin puffy coat
Trying to look tough
When she can’t be more
Than 17

“Hey mister !”

“You got a cigarette?”


I turn to look
Across the street


“I’ll suck your cock for twenty dollars”


And in a moment
That seems like an eternity
I stare. It’s that feeling that
Comes over you when it
Seems like everything
Is unreal


But then
It hits me


Not disgust
But a nausea
A sadness that suddenly
Wells up into my gut
My soul and my heart
Broken into 100,000 pieces
In less than 30 seconds


I shake my head …




I don’t have a cigarette for you


Go home.


Your Mom & Dad
Are probably dying
Right now without you

Go find a warm shelter and
Get off this street now or I’ll
Have to call the police


“Fuck You !”


She replies


And again
That nauseous feeling


And sadly
And calmly
I reply back


Not even one
Cigarette or a $20 dollar bill is going to
Save your sorry ass
And if you haven’t already
Noticed God isn’t saving you
Or watching over you


You only have
2 choices


You can freeze
To Death or you can save

And that’s
The only gift
There is




And I don’t care


“Merry Christmas”


And I
Walked off into
The cold & the snow
Knowing nothing
More for her
Could ever be done


~ R.M.2018


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